Preparing For Sex...Without Anxiety

Preparing For Sex...Without Anxiety

Spoiler: There is no *right* way.

For many, sex is a great way to engage in intimacy, either with a partner or alone. The reason that sex might still be mired in taboo and misconceptions is fairly reasonable; if you’ve ever wondered, “is ithygienic?” you certainly wouldn’t be alone.

Sex isn’t something that’s inherently “dirty”—and you don’t have to prep in any one particular way to engage with your partner. That said, relaxation is an important part. No matter which end you are on.

Cleaning up (more on that in a minute) before sex and eating stomach-safe foods (read: anything that’s unlikely to necessitate an urgent trip to the bathroom based on your own digestive tract’s history) can help you to get into the right mental space for the act.

If you do want to feel clean before sex play, a good shower can do the trick. In a pinch, you can also use a wipe with warm water to clean yourself up.


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