About Us

きつ, きち
kitsu, kichi
noun (common) (futsuumeishi), nouns which may take the genitive case particle `no'
good fortune (esp. omikuji fortune-telling result); good luck; auspiciousness


We started this company with a pledge to improve the lives of those who purchase from us. The same way a 招き猫, or maneki-neko, would. The founders of our company want sex and self play to be something to look forward to. Not be ashamed of.

Kitsu Toys provides adult toys that allow fans to enjoy their favorite fantasy in the bedroom without the need to turn to real sex. Our sex toys allow you to have all the fun you expect from top of the line products. Where we differentiate ourselves is that our toys give you the fantasy of your favorite characters without having to turn to hentai, risking addiction.

KITSU™ embodies improving a man's life without having to be someone he is not. Our founders connected after sharing the same story of improving their dating lives through superficial means only to realize that when they started to "go with the flow" success came easy. In all areas of life. Since then KITSU™ has been on a mission to help men worldwide.

Anime has this incredible ability to unite.

So unite with us.

- Adrian, Founder of Kitsu