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Every Flavor Lubricant

Every Flavor Lubricant

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The perfect addition to any product in our catalog.  Our unique sexual lubricant for our toys is perfect for both men and women for any occasion.

We offer every flavour you can think of.  Imagine cherry passion on your honeymoon, juicy peach in the bedroom, blueberry for nights home, orange with the lover you met the same night, and strawberry for a self-love massage with your favorite toy.

Our sex toy lubricants offer the richest fruit flavors while at the same time being smooth, safe, and non-toxic.

Enjoy every single moment with your clothes off when you use our ultra-silky smooth personal lubricant.  With a shelf life of 3 years it will stay slippery so you never miss out on the warm sensations that it provides.

You will never be kept waiting to climax because each of our bottles sex lube has a top cap tube for easy application.  Insurance is non-toxic and does not stain the long-term formula.

The perfect lubricant to warm up a sensual massage or sex.

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Slide into your sex life with confidence

Know you will be able to perform without anxiety with a frictionless, life-changing experience

  • Take Your Fantasies To God Mode

    When you purchase one of our excellent toys don't forget that lubricant will make them feel better and they will go deeper. You will be able to last longer.

  • 100% Cruelty Free and Edible

    All of our products are never tested on animals and have gone through hundreds of tests with the FDA to ensure that no one will have an adverse reaction. Edible and delicious your girl (or guy) will not be able to get enough of your sweet flavor.

  • A Taste For Everybody

    No matter what your tastes or favorite flavors we have a sexual lube for you. Use a new flavor every time you are in the bedroom and watch how your partner keeps coming back for more.

Become a master at physical intimacy and outperform everyone she used to have before you

It's a little known secret that sexual lubricants are the key to the best intimate performance imaginable. Sex coaches and porn stars world wide recommend using them as a way to improve the experience for everyone.

Become unforgettable for her!

When you can slide just a bit easier she will thank you and orgasm more than you can imagine. Friction during sex stops sensitive nerve endings from firing. Lubricant keeps that from happening so she will be screaming your name.

A sneaky method for training your capabilities to surprise her

No matter what your tastes or favorite flavors we have a sexual lube for you. Use a new flavor every time you are in the bedroom and watch how your partner keeps coming back for more.

Product Information

How To Use It

Our personal lubricants can be used on their own for a fun filled night. They also exceptionally pair with our offering of toys and masturbators to take your sex lube experience to the next level. Just squeeze a drop of our smooth and safe sexual lubricant onto your favorite toy or slippery surface and get ready for a new sensation.

How To Clean Off Of Surfaces

Our lubricants are skin safe and never tested on animals so sometimes they are often safely absorbed by the skin and do not need clean up. Our many flavors of sex lube can be wiped off of most surfaces with a water based solution or moist towel and are non-damaging.

Discreet Shipping

Your product will be packaged in a sealed white envelop with no labeling. Only if customs require a description of the item we will have the shipping label say muscle or facial massager.

Care Guide

These personal lubricants do not require care and can stay on the shelf for up to 3 years.

Product Removal

Select our Box Removal Service for toys to give you extra privacy. This is a recommended option for residents of certain countries or shared living situations.


Medical ABS Silicone Based Sexual Lubricant

Flavours and Colors

Cherry, Juicy Peach, Blueberry, Orange, Strawberry


1 bottle




3 years