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KITSU™ Samurai

KITSU™ Samurai

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Experience new sensations and pleasures that simultaneously boost your confidence.

When you take care of your sexual needs first you take care of everything else in your life.  We use new technology to give you the best feelings when you're alone.

The Samurai is designed with multiple motors to give you an experience you've never had before.  Because when you experience new things in the bedroom you are more open to new experiences out in the world.

Using the Samurai is the same as training yourself for a new life.  You will be surprised how much everything changes when you are no longer worried about how you are going to get off.  

Women will appreciate you more and you will be able to hold conversations for longer with more interesting people.  Making you cooler in the process.

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The fastest way to get rid of negative thoughts

Discover unmatched sexual pleasure and clear up your mind

  • Never seen before “outer space” technology that will have you feeling good

    The “automatic-vibration-mechanism” that will make you feel as if you were laying on clouds

  • The variable modes will give you an infinite amount of stimulation for every mood

    The “multiple-motors-system” unmatched by competitors will give you a revolutionizing feeling of stimulation

  • Never seen before “multiplayer mode” opening new doors of pleasure to you

    The waterproof and soft material offers you a large variety of stimulation options whether it be alone or with a partner

Extend your arsenal of arousement possibilities thanks to Samurai’s multiple components.

The ultimate toy for your most intimate moments! Make your wildest fantasies come alive and free your mind whenever you need to!

Experience the most satisfying moments in the most silent way

The “mute-motor-system” allows you to enjoy your private time without the fear of someone else hearing what you are doing

The longest-lasting toy you could wish for

The waterproof and soft material offers you a large variety of stimulation options whether it be alone or with a partner

Product Information

How To Use It

Meant to be used alone or with a partner. Making sure it’s charged add a little water-based lubricant and pick the vibrating mode that feels the best for you. Slide it up and down with your own hand or use hers.

Discreet Shipping

Your product will be packaged in a sealed white envelope with no labeling. Only if customs require a description of the item we will have the shipping label say muscle or facial massager.

Care Guide

Store in a cool dry place and clean after use by running it under a faucet and drying with a microfiber towel. Chare using our external magnetic USB charing system

Product Removal

Select our Box Removal Service for toys to give you extra privacy. This is a recommended option for residents of certain countries or shared living situations.


Interior: TPE or Thermoplastic Elastomer. Exterior: Medical grade hard plastic.


The softest experience you will have on the inside


We use a magnetic USB charging system which enables lightening quick recharging, and leaves the toy completely seamless.


0.5 lbs


3 in x 3 in


We guarantee that this will be the best thing you ever bring into the bedroom or we will return your money with no questions asked.